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Reparar imei Alcatel 5030a

  • noviembre 29, 2021
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Fecha : noviembre 29, 2021
Conexión Tipo : Diag
Herramienta : NCK
Versión de Android : 10.0
Procesador : Spreadtrum
Tipo de Aporte : Repair IMEI

Se hac mediante nck spreadtrum ir ala pestaña di flash model util

Generic cpu  s9863a 

conectar volumen abajo 

(por cualquier cosa hacer backup de la nvram)

EXE: NckBox Spreadtrum Module 2.0



Loader format:NEW

Start Detect phone.

Phone must be off with battery inside.

Long press «VOL -«+ «VOL +» key while inserting usb cable.

Keep key untill boot complete.

Detected: SPRD U2S Diag (COM15)

Sending loader, keep boot key untill loader start.

Loader OK: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1

Changing bautrate OK.

Send Second Loader.

New flash metod detected.

UID: T48U07_2_22_32


[S]Manufacturer: TCL

[S]Brand: Alcatel

[S]Device: Jakarta

[S]Model: 5030A

Build ID: QP1A.190711.020

CPU arhitecture: arm64-v8a

Hardware: s9863a1h10

Build product name: 5030A

Build description: s9863a1h10_Natv-user 10 QP1A.190711.020 51216 release-keys

Build Id: QP1A.190711.020

Android Release: 10

Android Version: 5030A_TGMX_1SIM_V2.4_20201222

Security patch: 2020-12-05

TCT sys version: O30AMX24

This phone have frp partition.

MatchesMask [l_fixnv1] [l_fixnv1] Size to download: 2 MB

Reading l_fixnv1

IMEI 1: 35077041006xxxx

IMEI 2: 86740002031xxxx

IMEI 3: 86740002031xxxx

IMEI 4: 86740002031xxxx

Simlock Type: 4

Backup saved to: C:UsersUNLOKFASTDocumentsspreadtrum_moduleflashmode_nvram_backup5030A_TGMX_1SIM_V2.4_202012225030A_TGMX_1SIM_V2.4_20201222_nvram_backup.tar

Testing key 1

Testing key 2

Testing key 3

Phone security supported by exe

Repair protected imei.

IMEI 1 to repair: 8614462152xxxxx

Start write unlock, wait…

[can take 0-10 sec]Wait untill phone restart.

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