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FRP nokia 4.2 TA-1149

  • agosto 14, 2021
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Fecha : agosto 14, 2021
Conexión Tipo : Test Point
Herramienta : UMT
Versión de Android : 11.0
Procesador : Qualcomm
Tipo de Aporte : FRP

Device: Nokia 4.2

Operation: Reset FRP

Checking for existing devices…Not Found

Turn Off phone, hold Vol UP + Vol DOWN and insert USB cable.

Some phones may need Special Boot Cable or TestPoint for EDL mode.

Found Port: Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM33)

Driver Info: Qualcomm Incorporated, qcusbser.sys,

Connecting to phone…OK

Waiting for response…OK

Init Handshake Sequence…OK

Hardware ID: E1F00B00 [8937] 71953500

OPK_DATA: 561ABA875220DEA1B37EDA7DF0CB9D6458C3F0B62EADE954C407F8E1C08641D2

Initializing Protocol…OK

Using Auto Loader Selection [1]

Preparing Loader…Done

Sending Loader [8937_042]…Done

Executing Loader…OK

Detecting Chip Type…OK

Hardware: 8937, EMMC, 32 GB

LU Count: 1 [0x03A50000] 

WARNING! High Speed Driver is not installed.

Please install driver from QcFireDrivers folder using Device Manager.

Payload Info: In: 65536 [4096], Out: 1048576, Sector Size: 512

Reading Partition Table…OK

Reading Device Information…OK

Device: HMD Global Nokia 4.2 [PAN_sprout]

Brand: Nokia

Prod.Name: Panther_00WW

Software: 00WW_3_150_SP01, 00WW_3_15A [Wed Apr 21 11:15:07 CST 2021]

Android Ver.: 11

Patch Level: 2021-04-05

Resetting FRP Lock……Done

Operation Finished.

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